Track Record

Our firm’s staff members have executed corporate and institutional advisory and transaction assignments for more than 35 years in the United States and abroad, with deep experience in the Great Lakes region. Our Strategic Service Partners provide expanded execution capability to our corporate, capital, government, and institutional clients.  Our Board of Advisors lends its own experience and advice to Greenleaf vis-à-vis capital markets, business, government and science on matters related to land, water, energy and waste/materials.

Our Projects

Intelligent Generation

Greenleaf Advisors has helped this early stage energy company advance from demonstration stage to commercialization with capital and marketing services. IG’s software service makes solar associated with energy storage profitable through its patented network approach.

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OptiRTC, Inc. (Opti) is partnering with Greenleaf Advisors to serve as an extension of its go-to-market team and expand its presence across Illinois. Through this partnership, Greenleaf will assist in bringing Opti’s cloud-based solutions for improved stormwater management to public entities serving communities and commercial landowners in the region.

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Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters

Soil and water research and policy leaders, headed by The Ohio State University with support from Greenleaf Advisors, LLC, and the University of Arkansas launched a workshop and symposium series dedicated to the development of multidisciplinary and whole system management practices for the agricultural lands that impact our nation’s waters. A collaborative multi-year effort, the series has been organized around the development of data-driven, region-specific case studies highlighting best practices to reduce nutrient exports to water resources.

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Perennial Biomass to Reduce Nitrates

Greenleaf provided communications, development, and outreach for Argonne National Laboratory on its agricultural research in Illinois where they study the growth of native grasses in otherwise unproductive farmland to produce bioenergy crops, thereby reducing nutrient pollutant flows into streams and sequestering greenhouse gases in soils.

Electric Power Research Institute

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research, development and distribution relating to the generation, delivery and use of electricity, and is committed to supporting and developing innovating solutions to the challenges that face electricity producers and consumers. One such challenge is what to do with the millions of tons of synthetic gypsum (calcium sulfate) that power plants produce each year. EPRI hired Greenleaf to advance research into the use of gypsum as an agricultural amendment to improve soil and water quality.

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Gypsoil as Watershed Management Best Practice

When Gypsoil needed help addressing a regulatory threat to one of its products, they hired Greenleaf to educate environmental  groups and policy-makers regarding gypsum as an agricultural soil amendment. We promoted gypsum’s agronomic and environmental benefits with sound science, informing the highest levels of state and U.S. government to affect the future of agricultural policies and expand markets for this beneficial resource.

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GreenCity Power

Greenleaf Advisors represents GCP in commercial real estate markets where it delivers electricity, heating, and cooling to building owners economically and securely through natural gas sourced co-generation systems.  GCP designs, builds, owns and operates the systems, which add value to the real estate owners and reduce their energy risks.

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Regional Water Supply Planning

Greenleaf was contracted to assist the Illinois DNR with jumpstarting its stalled region water supply planning process. We conducted extensive research into the funding models employed by other states to support Illinois' regional planning programs and supplied recommendations that considered the unique legal and political context of the state of Illinois. We also identified and coordinated organizing agencies in water planning regions that had not yet begun the planning process.

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Envisioning the Chicago Area Waterway for the 21st Century

Greenleaf Advisors led the outreach and hydrologic analysis to surface effective solutions to the problems caused by invasive species. The wide variety of knowledge bases that the team of advisors provided resulted in a multidisciplinary approach, accommodating both ecological and economic needs.

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Sustainable Stormwater Management

Greenleaf Advisors sees managing water resources as a national priority. Along with our partners, we were selected by the Great Lakes Protection Fund because of our expertise in stormwater management and commerce to develop business models that advance sustainable water management through market mechanisms.

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Solar Evaluation for Real Estate Transaction

Greenleaf Advisors encourages the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices in the corporate world. Our expertise provided Jones Lang LaSalle with research on the most cutting-edge technology and future developments in solar electricity, demonstrating long-term sustainability and profitability.

Pfingsten Partners, LLC and HY-BON

Greenleaf Advisors, LLC assisted Pfingsten Partners, LLC with its investment in Hy-Bon Engineering Company in 2009 by advising on how climate science would drive regulatory changes in its favor. This regulatory thesis has proven true in Hy-Bon’s traditional oil and gas markets. Hy-Bon’s low pressure gas collection and storage technology converts methane gas (a major GHG) into high value revenue streams.

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