HYBON IMAGEHY-BON pioneered the use of infra-red imaging technology for low pressure methane gas leaks in the oil and gas industry.  It designs custom collection systems to economically recapture the valuable gas streams for reuse with benefits to the environment from avoided greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenleaf Advisors assisted the private equity firm, Pfingsten Partners, LLC, in 2009 when it was considering an investment in Hy-Bon and wanted to understand the regulatory environment given the Kyoto Accord discussions underway.  Greenleaf advised that the science behind industrial influences on climate change indicated policy frameworks would continue to emerge out of necessity to encourage enterprises to reduce greenhouse gas production, and that methane gas was a very potent GHG. This thesis has been cited by Pfingsten as a key element in the success of its investment and is directly related to the market demand increase for Hy-Bon’s products and the company’s expansion.

Pfingsten announced in 2014 its successful sale of Hy-Bon generating attractive returns for its investors, including management.  Greenleaf appreciates the opportunity to bring businesses and investors a sound understanding of the environmental science that influences policies, and to help those enterprises assess the associated threats and opportunities related to their interests.