John A. Andersen, Jr.


Ben Bezark


Katie DeMuro


Francine van den Brandeler

Associate, Water and Climate Fellow

Service Partners

Julia Armstrong D'Agnese

Earth Knowledge
CEO and Co-Founder

Frank D'Agnese

Earth Knowledge
President, CTO and Co-Founder

Naomi Davis

Blacks in Green
Founder & CEO

Warren Dick, PhD

The Ohio State University
Professor Emeritus

Ali Fatemi, PhD

Editor-in-Chief, Global Finance Journal
Emeritus Chairman and Professor of Finance
DePaul University

Jeff Greenberger

Affordable Community Energy Services

Jim Hietala

VP, Sustainability and Market Development
The Open Group

Janet Hock, PhD

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Center for Urban Health Investigator

Nancy Holm

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (Retired)

Pierre-Andre Jacinthe


John Jimison

Energy Attorney and Consultant

Andrew Johnson

Native American Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director

Jay Marhoefer

Intelligent Generation
CEO & Founder

Pete Mulvaney

Consor Engineering
Director Utility Management Services, Water

Dick Munson

Writer on Energy and Agricultural Innovation

Darrell Norton, PhD

USDA National Soil Erosion Research Lab
Research Soil Scientist, Retired

Jim Patchett

Solutions in the Land
Principal Partner

Dan Peerless

Global Sourcing Lead

Tony Pierce

SunBright Energy
Director of Business Development

Brian Richter

Sustainable Waters

Sabina Shaikh, PhD

University of Chicago, Faculty
Director, Program on Global Environment, Environmental & Urban Studies

Paul Smolevitz

TM Capital Corp
Managing Director/Founding Principal

Ashish Sharma, PhD

Discovery Partners Institute,
University of Illinois System
Climate and Urban Sustainability Lead

Robert Spoerri

Beneficial Reuse Management

Marc Thrum

Intelligent Generation
Chief Customer Solutions Officer

Roy Wehrle, PhD

University of Illinois-Springfield
Professor Emeritus

Don Wuebbles, PhD

University of Illinois, Emeritus Professor
Earth Knowledge, Director of Climate Science

David Yocca

Senior Landscape Architect/Ecological Planner
Green Infrastructure Foundation