Opti and Greenleaf Advisors Announce Partnership to Bring Innovation to Stormwater Management in Illinois

CHICAGOAug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OptiRTC, Inc. (Opti) today announced a partnership with Greenleaf Advisors to serve as an extension of its go-to-market team and expand its presence across Illinois. Through this partnership, Greenleaf will assist in bringing Opti’s cloud-based solutions for improved stormwater management to public entities serving communities and commercial landowners in the region.


Greenleaf has over 15 years of experience in the region, working on initiatives such as the Chicago Area Waterway System study on behalf of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the Great Lakes Commission, and in evaluating market-based approaches, such as Community-based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3), for stormwater management in the Great Lakes Basin. The Opti-Greenleaf partnership will leverage both companies’ relationships with leading civil engineering and consulting firms, regional planning organizations, and public agencies to develop and deliver integrated solutions that benefit all stakeholders.


Due to shifts in the frequency and intensity of rainfall events along with increasing economic development and urbanization, communities across the region are increasingly impacted by flooding and water quality issues. Public and commercial entities face a growing need for solutions that enable them to adapt to a changing environment while also reducing the costs associated with managing stormwater infrastructure. These evolving stormwater management challenges present opportunities for a range of stakeholders to work closely together to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.


Greenleaf’s President, John Andersen, has been serving the Chicagoland and Illinois public and private communities for more than 30 years on its land use and resource needs. “The region’s economy and quality of life depend on developing and maintaining our infrastructure in a sustainable way,” said Andersen. “Intelligently managed stormwater is central to the health and prosperity of our region’s future especially in light of the intensity and frequency of storm potential suggested by climate change forecasts.”


“Greenleaf brings substantial, proven expertise and success in engaging across sectors of the water resources industry,” said Marcus Quigley, CEO of Opti. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with their well-established team of staff members, service partners, and Board of Advisors to solidify our presence in the Illinois and Great Lakes regions.”

About Greenleaf Advisors

Greenleaf Advisors® is a consulting and transaction-services firm that helps enterprises and communities develop sustainably by bridging them to the resources and strategies they need to grow in a healthy way. They engage at the intersection of capital, business, science and policy to address the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources—land, water, materials, and energy. For more information, visit greenleafadvisors.net.

About Opti

Opti is a technology company that enables communities and businesses to continuously improve stormwater management by delivering real-time visibility, adaptively controlling assets, and supporting smart city initiatives. Opti’s products are widely used to retrofit existing stormwater storage systems with an integrated set of cloud-based technology, sensors and flow controls in the field, and real-time weather forecast data. For more information, visit optirtc.com or connect with the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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