GreenCity Power

GCPGreenCity Power (GCP) delivers highly efficient and economic gas-fired cogeneration energy systems into commercial markets using its own capital and expertise from decades of leading experience in the industrial markets. Cogeneration systems increase energy efficiency through capturing waste heat and converting it into thermal heating and cooling for buildings. This reduces the amount of energy lost as waste heat from power generation.

GreenCity Power designs, builds, owns operates and provides the capital to install clean-burning natural gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) systems. They provide building owners and tenants with electricity, cooling, and heating services that are highly efficient and cost effective, and that supplement the present grid-based services, thereby enhancing energy security. Several projects are underway in New York with some of the city’s top landlords and largest office buildings.

Greenleaf Advisors is the preferred real estate service provider to GCP, and represents it to building owners interested in elevating their portfolio’s energy performance and attaining economic gains plus improved services for their tenant body. Greenleaf Advisors understands the value of GCP's energy solutions and how to communicate that value, has significant experience in real estate markets, and has established networks of property owners and managers within GCP's target geography.

GreenCity Power News

Bringing Energy Security and Financial Benefit to Health Care through Cogeneration: Aaron Walters of GreenCity Power presents at CleanMed 2016

GreenCity Power (a service partner of Greenleaf Advisors) delivers economic and efficient electricity, cooling, and heating services through natural gas fired cogeneration systems. These systems also enhance energy security – increasingly important to hospital networks seeking to build resiliency into their operations.

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