Waste and Materials

44It is now widely understood that every pound of material that gets thrown away, landfilled or incinerated represents a waste of energy and a lack of efficiency in the marketplace. That doesn't mean it is any easier to bring an innovative new "green" product to market. Greenleaf Advisors excels at identifying opportunities for promoting sound science around material re-use to better inform policy and regulatory processes to open markets for our clients and their products. Our cross-sector network and experience connecting parties across fields of interest makes us ideally suited to help link material providers with leading scientists and customers.

Our staff and service partners have extensive experience managing and coordinating projects including:

    • Beneficial Reuse
    • Research
    • Commercialization
    • Regulations and Policy Consulting
    • Market Development
    • Investment

Our Work:


GYPSOIL markets a valuable, useful, and environmentally-friendly byproduct of electricity production, calcium sulfate (a.k.a. gypsum). When used in agriculture, it makes soils healthier, crops more drought resistant, and dramatically reduces the fertilizer pollution that chokes our rivers and lakes. Greenleaf brought leading soil scientists from across the country together with policy makers in state and federal government, as well as leading environmental organizations, to ensure that regulatory decisions about synthetic calcium sulfate were made with the newest, most reliable scientific knowledge in hand.

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Hy-Bon Project

Greenleaf Advisors, LLC assisted Pfingsten Partners, LLC with its investment in Hy-Bon Engineering Company in 2009 by advising on how climate science would drive regulatory changes in its favor. This regulatory thesis has proven true in Hy-Bon’s traditional oil and gas markets. Hy-Bon’s low pressure gas collection and storage technology converts methane gas (a major GHG) into high value revenue streams.

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