G&W Electric’s strategic investment in Intelligent Generation

G&W Electric made a strategic investment in Intelligent Generation (press release) supporting IG’s growing customer base for energy storage value stack services and G&W Electric’s market for intelligent microgrids, reflecting increased demand for distributed energy solutions.

G&W Electric is a global leader in power systems solutions and products. Explore G&W Electric’s interactive microgrid here.

Intelligent Generation is an innovative software solutions company that empowers businesses to engage the clean energy grid through its optimization platform.

Greenleaf works with energy service partners including IG and G&W Electric to advance economic, resilient, renewable energy projects. Contact us to evaluate smart solar + energy storage solutions that save money, protect operations, and reduce GHG footprints.

G&W Electric and Intelligent Generation leaning into the future of clean energy and resilient power - CEOs John Mueller (G&W) and Jay Marhoefer (IG)

G&W Electric’s state-of-the-art microgrid utilizes IG’s POWR:Suite technology.

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