Our mission is to develop a healthy society by creating business strategies and nurturing partnerships that protect natural resources and raise the quality of life for all.

Our vision is to live in a world where business practices add to the sustainable value of land and water resources while improving quality of life.


Our shared values guide the work of our staff, partners, and board.


We respect stakeholders from all sectors and their diverse perspectives.


We value tangible results that contribute to a healthy and sustainable world.

Sound Science

We respect both natural and social sciences in guiding business and policy decisions.


We offer advice that is grounded in and consistent with our implementation experience.


We leverage the power of open, transparent relationships to foster collaboration and drive progress for all participants.


We support the development of new technologies and market-based solutions to create a healthy and sustainable world.


We champion those with the courage to create positive change in the face of difficult circumstances.


We value community engagement for the discovery and progression of whatever is needed to support a healthy society.