Bringing Energy Security and Financial Benefit to Health Care through Cogeneration: Aaron Walters of GreenCity Power presents at CleanMed 2016

green-city-powerGreenCity Power (a service partner of Greenleaf Advisors) delivers economic and efficient electricity, cooling, and heating services through natural gas fired cogeneration systems.  These systems also enhance energy security – increasingly important to hospital networks seeking to build resiliency into their operations.  The company’s Managing Partner, Aaron Walters, spoke last month at CleanMed 2016, organized by Practice GreenHealth and Health Care without Harm to spread best sustainable practices across the sector.

The Dallas conference previewed innovative technologies and approaches to issues like greening the OR, local food production, energy, and water resources; they examined environmental challenges such as extreme weather events influenced by climate change.  Several Hospitals were engaged in facilities expansions as well as long term planning, and said they see themselves as a place of refuge for communities during area crisis – so uninterrupted operations is mission critical for serving staff and community members in addition to patients.  During New York’s Sandy storm, several hospitals suffered prolonged outages; not so for those operating on co-generation systems.

Aaron Walters addressed the industry on the topic: “Powering Health Care with Cogeneration: How Energy Generation Intersects with Health Care, Finance and Environmental Stewardship”. He addressed the financial and environmental benefits of cogeneration systems, and you can read more about his presentation and services here.

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