Sustainability Services

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Sustainability Strategy Services

Greenleaf Advisors guides corporations, governments and communities in advancing sustainability.


Greenleaf Advisors guides corporations, governments and communities in advancing sustainable financial and operating goals, with a focus on the environmentally sound use of energy, water and materials. We identify client objectives – from efficiency and cost savings to opening new markets – and the challenges and enablers to meet them. We then set and execute effective strategies that help clients meet their goals by drawing upon our wide range of talent and resources.


Greenleaf Advisors develops tailored solutions to help enterprises and communities grow sustainably and succeed. Our advisory and transaction services include:

  • Improve organizational performance
    • Assess the environmental footprint of organizations, their policies and major investments.
    • Identify resource efficiencies or input substitutes to reduce the use of energy, water and other raw materials.
    • Undertake market research, including industry benchmarking on sustainability, with data assessment that ties behavioral attributes to reputation and market value.
    • Assess environmental regulations, policies and trends that may impact operations in order to mitigate threats and establish strategies to take rewarding leadership positions.
    • Evaluate new market sectors or geographic expansion opportunities for technologies, products or services.
    • Leverage capacity of organizational staff to undertake analyses related to sustainability.
  • Enhance engagement across sectors for sustainable solutions
    • Undertake stakeholder outreach and communications, in order to understand current knowledge and practices, and to assist with communication across interest groups.
    • Inform policy with sound science, economics and business interests.
    • Advise on designing and participating in market mechanisms to optimize natural resource utilization.
    • Connect capital markets to attractive investments in sustainable solutions.