Climbing with the President toward a Better Environment for Good Business

The President’s trip this week to Alaska has elevated the discussion on the need for energy solutions in the face of climate change and glacial melting. It reminds me [John Andersen] of my first trip to Alaska to climb Denali – ‘The Big One’ – in 2001. The banner I raised at the summit – ‘Sub Omnibus Terra’ – Latin  for “Under All is the Land. ” Read more below about the early days of the sustainability movement at one of the world’s leading real estate services companies, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Greenleaf works with JLL and others across the real estate markets to advance innovative and renewable energy solutions.

“‘The Greenspace Initiative’ – a better environment for good business” originally from the international house magazine of Jones Lang LaSalle, Terra Nova (September 2001).


John Mount McKinley Denali

Twin Peaks – As well as leading the environmental challenge in the Americas, John Andersen has also tackled the vertical challenge of Mount McKinley in Alaska- North America’s highest peak at 20,230 ft. And what does ‘Sub Omnibus Terra’ mean? ‘Under all is land ‘.

‘The Greenspace Initiative’ – a better environment for good business

In the Americas, we are taking the environment very seriously- the protection, restoration and thoughtful use of natural resources is not only vital for the planet, but increasingly makes strong business and financial sense for companies across the globe. John Andersen, leader of Land Services in the Americas, reports from Chicago

For many of our owner and occupier clients, environmental considerations are becoming key in many real estate decisions, and expert advice is essential. So much so that we have formed ‘The Greenspace Initiative’ within the firm. Its mission is to help us become the industry leader in environmentally-intelligent practices. These can include heightened energy efficiency, innovative architecture, low-maintenance landscaping, waste reduction and thoughtful use of materials within the built environment.

‘Greenspace’ members are working hard to identify practical environmental measures that offer clients new ways of reducing costs and raising investor yields, while protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Becoming an industry leader in ‘green’ building practices holds plenty of new business potential. Several corporations now seek environmentally committed partners to participate in their real estate activities. Not only are they keen to take advantage of the cost savings involved, but many also feel a social responsibility to help preserve the environment.

Corporations are aware that many employees appreciate working for companies with a ‘green’ attitude, and that people work better in environmentally designed buildings with innovative ventilation and natural plant life. At the same time, communities which surround new business developments are far more likely to embrace real estate projects that work to maintain clean air, water and landscapes and to protect local plants and animals.

We are currently helping clients with a variety of green initiatives because, if we are to remain leading service providers to occupiers and investors, we must continue to embrace the environmental revolution.

For example, we have helped Sun Microsystems in California redevelop an 82.5-acre (33.4-hectare) state hospital site. During the process, we demolished nearly 80 buildings and relocated seven for community use, while recycling 95% of the mate rials. In Massachusetts, we helped clean up and redevelop a contaminated, brownfield site to accommodate 1000 employees.

Then there is BP Amoco. The oil giant recently moved its North American headquarters to Cantera, the award-winning redevelopment of an old stone quarry that serves the Chicago region with more than 6,000,000 sq ft (557,400 sq m) of office, light industrial, commercial and residential space. Jones Lang LaSalle transformed this blighted area with imaginative land reclamation and wetlands restoration so that nature trails complement a vital business complex. Today, Cantera is the heart of the local community.

Cantera and schemes like it prove that, with help from the Greenspace Initiative, the built environment can be constructed in harmony with nature.

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