Ken-Ichi Hino Joins Greenleaf

Ken-Ichi Hino joins Greenleaf Advisors as an intern while he pursues his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. His experience has taken him around the world and involved him in diverse markets and roles, all of which will bring additional strength and diversity to Greenleaf’s services.

Prior to enrolling at Chicago Booth, Ken-Ichi focused on efficient energy and waste energy recovery projects at Recycled Energy Development, leading financial efforts of acquisition opportunities and new asset development and analyzing wholesale and renewable energy markets for high-value project locations. Ken-Ichi also has three years of experience as a management consultant for financial institutions, specializing in operations optimization, as well as a year as an economist focusing on central government budget management, including energy subsidy expense projection.

Ken-Ichi will be helping John Andersen deliver energy solutions into the real estate markets, serving clients such as Intelligent Generation with it’s solar/battery software service that adds value to solar installations on commercial and residential buildings, and GreenCity Power that adds income and energy security to buildings.

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