Greenleaf Spring Updates

Our clients continue to advance sustainable solutions to land, water, material, and energy resources with the support of Greenleaf’s consulting and transaction services. A few examples follow.

Indianapolis Power and Light received a Business Innovation Award at the world congress of AES for developing markets and advancing research into the beneficial reuse of gypsum. This byproduct from the company’s operations is used as an agricultural soil amendment to improve crop productivitysoil health and water quality(learn more)

Intelligent Generation launched commercial scale projects with industry leaders S&C Electric and Continental Electric. Continental has teamed up with IG to market smart, profitable solar solutions to their customer base. GreenTech Media profiled IG’s innovative approach to the expanding energy storage markets, which you can read more about here. (

The State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources has deepened its commitment to water security by committing $1.6 million in 2014 to advance regional water supply planning efforts and increase the technical capacity to assess, measure, monitor and protect water supplies upon which Illinois communities and industries depend. (learn more)

The Ohio State University, with support from EPRI, Gypsoil and others, is demonstrating through research the efficacy of gypsum to alleviate fertilizer pollution that contributes to toxic algae blooms in Ohio’s most important watersheds – Lake Erie and Grand St. Lake Mary’s. This practice is under consideration as a national best practice by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (learn more

GreenCity Power has completed its analysis and is securing commitments to deliver turnkey co-generation energy solutions in several New York office towers. Their natural gas-fueled designs deliver electrical, heating and cooling services at efficiency rates of 80%. These energy systems also provide much needed back-up power when the grid goes down(

The Great Lakes Commission and Great Lakes Cities Initiative, with consultation from HDR Engineering, completed their study on the future design and use of the Chicago Area Waterway System ( The project was established in part to inform the Army Corps of Engineering study on the same subject ( The goal is toprevent the costly spread of Asian Carp and other invasive species between the Great Lakes and Mississippi Basins.

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